Pole Classes

Intro to Pole

New to Pole Dance or have only taken a few classes? This class is for you! Intro to Pole gets you acquainted with the basics of pole dance – grips, spins, climbs, stands and sits. All movements that get you super comfortable and ready to excel in your pole dance journey!

Pole 1

Familiar with Pole and ready to level up? In this class you’ll build on what you’ve previously learnt and add difficulty. You’ll get into various spins and shapes and work on linking them together to make combos. You’ll get comfortable with taking shapes higher up the pole and will be introduced to spin pole and inversions.

Pole 2

At this intermediate level you’ll get into challenging shapes and combos from the floor and aerially. Introducing moves such as Layback Variations, Superman and Butterfly, for example. This class can take place on spin or static at the instructor’s discretion.

Pole 2+

Welcome to our mixed-level class, tailored to those who range from intermediate to advanced skill levels. This class builds on the elements from Pole 2 and begins to introduce more complex movements. This class is designed to challenge participants as they delve into a diverse range of shapes, combos, and transitions.

We recommend that students signing up for Pole 2+ are comfortable performing aerial inverts and have prior Pole 2 experience. We do not recommend this class for students who have never taken a Pole 2 class before.

Sensual Classes

Sensual Silhouettes - Pole

This sultry class will take you through some free flowing choreography. Combining core pole moves with the art of sensuality. We will teach you how to slow your movements down and playfully move to the sound of the music.
All levels are welcome to this class. Heels/socks & knee pads recommended.

Sensual Silhouettes - Floor

Taking our movement to the floor, it’ll just be you and the music. This class will help you be present in your body and sensually flow through the choreography.

All levels are welcome to this class. Heels/socks & knee pads recommended.

Pilates Classes

Shapes & Stretch

This class will take you through some core pilates moves to help condition, strengthen and tone your muscles. As well, it will focus on stretching to help increase full-body flexibility. 

Slow Burn

In this slow burn class we will slow down the movement and pile on the reps. You’ll be sure to feel your muscles heat up, in the best way possible!

Abs, Arms and Booty

This pilates based workout will take you through abs, arms and booty exercises. We’ll focus on strengthening your core, sculpting your arms and shaping your glutes. This class is also great for conditioning for pole dance classes.

For additional classes/workshops that we might offer on an occasional or bi-weekly basis, please visit our schedule.


Open Session

This is an open hour to share the space with your fellow dancers. This session is supervised but not led by an instructor, so we ask that you only practice at a level that you are comfortable with.

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